Welcome mentors for international nursing Professionals"

A special offer for employees of nursing homes

Our training programme "Welcome mentors for international nursing staff" trains employees in nursing facilities to become mentors for the integration of international nursing staff. They are to become contact persons for the new nursing staff, the staff and patients in their institution.

Mentors support the international nursing staff in their integration into the company as well as society as a whole. With the help of inputs, interactive exercises and examples from nursing practice, the requirements of beneficial counselling and support work as a mentor are trained. Mentors relieve the burden on the nursing facility and the patients and support international nursing staff and the team in their daily work.

We support nursing facilities in the integration of international specialist nursing staff

The OBS mentoring program supports the respective care facility in the design of sustainable integration of newly immigrated care professionals, helps the facility to master the challenges together and to promote the working atmosphere.

In addition to the qualification offer, the mentoring programme includes concrete measures for the everyday cultural support and the overall social, sustainable integration of newly immigrated nursing staff, such as the promotion of tandems (in the search for an apartment, language courses, day-care centre place, leisure activities, networking with (immigrant) associations, etc.). This also includes political education offers that increase the participation and commitment of international nursing professionals in the overall social context.

The mentoring programme, which has a versatile structure, expands, supports and promotes diversity and participation in the nursing facilities as a model for the future.

The programme has a modular structure and is therefore also suitable for small and medium-sized facilities.

The project "Welcome Mentors for International Nursing Professionals" is part of the toolbox "Welcome Culture and Integration" of the German Competence Center for International Health and Nursing Professionals (DKF) under the auspices of the Kuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe (KDA).

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Please note:

The project "Welcome Mentors for International Nursing Professionals" is still under construction.
The training programme will be available to you after the summer break.


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