IQ qualification measure "Occupational intercultural job coaching/BWL"

In Summer 2021, another IQ qualification measure will be held in Bonn. Taking place over the course of several weeks, it will focus on migrants who studied economics and/or finances in their country of origin. Please be aware that due to the regulations that have arisen because of the ongoing pandemic situation, course materials will be offered digitally through the Blended
Learning-format. Classes that are held in presence will take place under AHAL-restrictions.

The IQ qualification measure „Berufsbezogenes interkulturelles Arbeitsmarktcoaching/BWL" (BiACoaching/BWL) offers an occupational orientation for migrants who seek work in Germany and introduces them to the German job market. It raises awareness to the most relevant questions: What is being practiced in economic sciences? Which competences are expected on the German job market and from an employer in finances? Which business indicators are relevant for a job in accounting? Which role does digitalization play in the working world of finances? And which expectations does an employer have for their employees when they take a success-oriented lead in a project?

The BiA-Coaching/BWL, which is situated in Bonn, commences in the beginning of July and ends in September 2021. Participants will, if it takes place, visit the Karrieretag in Köln on the 26th of August 2021 as a preparation for an intensive phase of job applications. Alternatively, they will visit several employers in Bonn. Through visits to job fairs (Jobmesse Köln, Karrieretag Bonn),
participants will be able to expand their connections on the German job market.

For further information on course materials and organization please head over to the information sheet BiA Coaching/BWL.

Persons who have completed their studies in either economic science or finances in their country  of origin can from now on apply by filling out the attached application form. Please send the form  to

Continuous registration and entry possible until 01.08.2021: please send the application documents for the course to


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