Qualification measure "Occupational intercultural job coaching/engineers"

In autumn 2021 there will be no BiA coaching/ING. Instead, it is replaced by an equally informative “Qualifizierungs- und Mentoringprogramm/Bildungswesen” (“qualification- and mentoring program/education system”) for engineers with experiences in teaching. For further information, please head over to “Qualifizierung-Bildungswesen/MINT-ING.

Which activities are being done in engineering sciences? Which competences are necessary on the job market and expected from an employer in engineering? What kind of knowledge on software is needed to work in a manufacturing industry?

The qualification measure “Berufsbezogenes interkulturelles Arbeitsmarktcoaching/Ingenieurwesen” ("occupational intercultural job coaching/engineers") (BiA-Coaching/ING) gives migrant engineers an occupational introductions to the German job market. The qualification measure will take place digitally through the Blended Learning-format as well as in presence. Participants have completed their studies in the field of engineering sciences and/or already worked in engineering.

Through (digital) visits to job fairs and employers (such as VDI Recruiting Tag, https://www.ingenieur.de/recruiting-tag/termine/) will participants be able to expand their connections amongst employers in Bonn/Cologne region.

Further information on course materials and organization can be found on the information sheet BiA coaching engineering sciences.

The next qualification measure “Berufsbezogenes interkulturelles Arbeitsmarktcoaching/Ingenieurwesen” is set to start in 2022. Persons who have completed their studies in the field of eingineering in their country of origin can now sign up by filling out the attached application form. Please send your application to IQNRW-Bewerbung@obs-ev.de.



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