Qualification measure "Vocational intercultural labour market coaching/engineering

In autumn 2020, the second IQ qualification measure for immigrant academics who have completed an engineering degree and/or worked as an engineer in their countries of origin will also begin in the era of Corona.

What activities are carried out in engineering professions? What skills are required on the labour market and are expected of employers in engineering? Which software skills are fundamental e.g. in the manufacturing industry? The qualification measure "Occupation-related intercultural labour market coaching/engineering" (BiA-Coaching/ING) provides job-seeking immigrant engineers with a vocational orientation for their entry into the labour market. By visiting trade fairs or employers, the participants expand their contacts with employers. For example, a visit to the digital VDI Recruiting Day is planned for 24 November 2020 to get to know employers in the Bonn region.

The BiA-Coaching/Engineering Day starts on 20 October 2020 and will run until mid-December 2020.
The attendance events will take place in the rooms of the Gustav-Stresemann-Institute in Bonn.
We would like to point out at this point that due to the current Corona-related regulations, corresponding learning content is increasingly being offered in digital form. Classroom instruction will take place to a lesser extent in compliance with hygiene regulations.

Further information on the learning contents and the course design can be found in the information sheet BiA Coaching Engineering.

There are still free places available!
People who have completed an engineering degree in their country of origin can now apply in writing using the attached application form and send their documents to IQNRW-Bewerbung@obs-ev.de
Applications are accepted until the end of October 2020 (receipt of application documents by OBS e.V.).



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Lejla Bradarić
Tel.: 0228 8163-760
Fax: 0228 8163-400
E-Mail: Lejla.Bradaric@obs-ev.de

Please note!

Most OBS employees work at home for reasons of prevention and health care.

Therefore, please send your application for the IQ qualification measures exclusively by e-mail to IQNRW-Bewerbung@obs-ev.de

This way we can ensure that your application is processed quickly.
Thank you for your understanding!

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