College Programme

To help ensure a smooth start to your degree programme, the OBS supports students at more than 25 universities in Germany by appointing multi-lingual Betreuerstudierende – BEST (student mentors) who work together with liaison officers.

From their own experience, the BEST understand the difficulties and demands of starting a degree programme in a foreign language and can give you valuable local tips, such as:

•    finding accommodation
•    meeting fellow students
•    leisure activities

They organise

•    guided tours of the university
•    getting to lectures
•    introductions to seminars
•    library tours
•    study sessions
•    cultural and education policy events

The university websites and their BEST can be found here.


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Contact persons

Lina Niebling
Tel.: 0228 8163-337

Christine Berger
Tel.: 0228 8163-338

Information material


The Betreuerstudierende "BEST" (student mentors) show their work:


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