Seminar dates for 2020

1. Fit for study
20.07.-24.07.2020 in Tübingen
14.09.-18.09.2020 in Cologne
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2. Women successfully on the way to university
07.09.-11.09.2020 in Münster
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3. Preparation for the working world - application training for internships and student jobs
29.06.-03.07.2020 in Frankfurt am Main
23.11.-27.11.2020 in Heidelberg
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4. IT course - application of MS Office software
08.06.-12.06.2020 in Berlin
27.07.-31.07.2020 in Berlin
21.09.-25.09.2020 in Berlin
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5. Writing Workshop - Scientific Writing in Studies
13.07.-17.07.2020 in Bonn
17.08.-21.08.2020 in Bonn
30.11.-04.12.2020 in Bonn
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6. Communicate successfully in Germany - recognize misunderstandings and deal with them constructively
15.06.-19.06.2020 in Tübingen
24.08.-28.08.2020 in Tübingen
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7. Examination preparation and test procedures
08.06.-10.06.2020 Webinar (Online)
31.08.-04.09.2020 in Tübingen
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8. Project & study management - basics for a successful study
06.07.-10.07.2020 in Münster
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9. CAD course in preparation for engineering courses
06.08.-15.08.2020 in Lüneburg
02.11.-11.11.2020 in Lüneburg
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10. Introduction to the German economic system
22.06.-26.06.2020 in Frankfurt am Main
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Information sheet

11. Introduction to the health and social system in Germany
28.09.-02.10.2020 in Frankfurt am Main
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For admission onto these seminars, follow the HEGF educational guidance website links from the Jugendmigrationsdienste (youth migration services). Please make an appointment at your local office to find out about studying, starting a job and the courses offered in the seminar programme. The counsellors at the educational guidance office will create an education plan and make recommendations on funding from the Otto Benecke Stiftung e. V., also assisting with registration form completion


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Seminar programme staff

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Salim Bölükbasi
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Norman Althaus
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