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1. Seminar Programme  
Date: 10-05-22
Would you be eligible for funding under the Higher Education Guarantee Fund guidelines? Then you can take advantage of the seminar programme to prepare for your studies. As a prospective student,…  
2. Target groups  
Date: 03-05-22
Seminar programme target groups The course offer is targeted at migrants aspiring to start or continue studying in Germany as well as young academics. Based on the guidelines of the Higher Education…  
3. Higher Education Guarantee Fund  
Date: 02-05-22
Higher Education Guarantee Fund Since 1965 the Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V.’s Higher Education Guarantee Fund has helped over 500,000 migrants to start, continue or build-on their academic…  
4. Higher Education Guarantee Fund - Funding of Ukrainian refugees  
Date: 28-04-22
The programme targets young newly-arrived migrants wishing to take their higher education entrance qualification in Germany, to prepare for higher education, or aim at an academic career.
5. Funding eligibility  
Date: 28-04-22
Contact Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V. Kennedyallee 105-107 53175 Bonn Funding eligibility The following migrant groups are eligible for funding Recent repatriates as described by the…  
6. Seminar dates  
Date: 22-04-22
Seminar dates 2022 February Online seminar: Training for job interviews 14.02. - 17.02.2022 - 4 days Online seminar: Fit to study 21.02. - 24.02.2022 - 4 days Online seminar: IT course …  
7. Training together towards an apprenticeship  
Date: 06-04-22
Gemeinsam in die Ausbildung "Gemeinsam in die Ausbildung" (GidA) is a model project in the field of training that the Otto Benecke Foundation e.V. has been testing since November 2016 in cooperation…  
8. Job Market Coaching Engineering  
Date: 06-04-22
Qualification measure "Occupational intercultural job coaching/engineers" In autumn 2021 there will be no BiA coaching/ING. Instead, it is replaced by an equally informative “Qualifizierungs- und…  
9. Job Market Coaching Business Studies  
Date: 06-04-22
IQ qualification measure "Occupational intercultural job coaching/BWL" In Summer 2021, another IQ qualification measure will be held in Bonn. Taking place over the course of several weeks, it will…  
10. Home  
Date: 23-03-22
Our target groups We develop integration programmes and offer qualifications, focusing particularly on working with adolescents and partens helping them to gain foothold as apprentices and on…  
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