Since 1995 we’ve been pulling together the various concepts and ideas we gather each year at our annual FORUM MIGRATION in Bonn. The FORUM attracts up to 350 people interested in current migration issues, focusing each year on one central aspect of migration and integration in Germany.

The work of the Otto Benecke Stiftung e. V. is monitored by an interdisciplinary advisory board. These distinguished academics advise the OBS in matters of concept and content. The "Akademie für Migration und Integration" (Academy for Migration and Integration) is made up of members of the advisory board, and has produced a series of publications closely related to the matters addressed at the FORUM MIGRATION, the first in 1999 being "National States and international Migration".

An overview of these publications can be found here.

The 25th FORUM MIGRATION will take place on Tuesday, the 8th of June 2021 in Gürzenich, Cologne.

The FORUM MIGRATION is funded by


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