From August 2018 to September 2020, the Vereinigung zur Integration von russlanddeutschen Aussiedlern (VIRA e.V.) and Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V. (OBS) will be carrying out the “Model Project to Test Inter- and Intracultural Education Offerings in North Rhine-Westphalian Organizations for Germans from Russia” (IKuDaR).

This project will test new education offerings for participants at events offered by Russian German associations. The main topics will be identity, media, and participation. These topics will be integrated into ongoing events such as discussion groups, recreational activities, seminars, etc., in the form of modules, addressing nearly every age group (approx. 12 and up).

The new education offering is to be implemented by volunteer group leaders of the Russian German associations whenever possible – either as part of the events they are already leading, or by appearing as “guest lecturers” at other events. These volunteer workers will be trained as multipliers over the course of several seminars.



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