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Systematic career selection

"Systematic career selection – assistance in finding a career" is a self-awareness program. It is also available online.

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‘What career will suit me?’ is a decision that must be carefully considered, with one’s own interests and competences systematically explored (via vocational self-assessment) and information sought on professional options and apprenticeships. The ‘Systematic career selection’ app offers practical help for this.

The career app is structured in two main parts:

1. Self-assessment
Take a few minutes for this test, which relates to your interests and abilities. All your chosen statements (2x24) will be evaluated and afterwards you’ll immediately receive your personal interests and competences profile, with corresponding occupational fields.

2. Career overview
The career atlas is organised into 22 fields and lists the specific interests and skills of particular importance in the respective field. The individual career areas are arranged by the selected degree programmes and apprenticeships. This orientation from the Careers app should encourage people to take up further information, especially at the Berufsinformationszentrum (BIZ) (Careers Information Centres) offered by the Federal Employment Agency.


How to download the app

Just scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet and start the app. (A barcode scanner is required which can be downloaded in your app store for free. Clicking on the QR code enlarges it for easier scanning.)
Using ‘Settings’, you can add the career app’s icon to your start screen so you have immediate access to the app and the results of your self-assessment.


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