Mission statement

We are a charitable organisation based in Bonn, both politically and ideologically neutral. We advocate the social participation of migrants and their children. Our work is changing the social climate towards a culture of recognition and welcome. We train through educational measures, events and projects to enhance the social, economic and individual capability and participation of immigrants.

We are a professional and supra-regional service provider for society and government. We recognise and shape opportunities, working effectively, transparently, and flexibly towards clear goals. Our skills and efforts allow us to advise and support the various actors in solving problems. We work on equal terms with our partners – from project planning to implementation and consolidation.

We secure career entry opportunities, and through skill, language and cultural exchange we strengthen the identity and self-esteem of those supported. Our programmes serve to stimulate and support processes and networks through individual activity and participation. Training measures help participants develop and give rein to their potentials. We also offer regular forums and events for disseminators, researchers, and politicians, as well as for those supported.

We cooperate with ministries, educational institutions, migrant organisations and higher education institutions at home and abroad. Within the framework of youth and adult education, we offer qualifications in the form of projects and schemes for migrants, minorities and disseminators - for example municipalities, welfare institutions, and interest groups.

The OBS was founded in 1965 at the initiative of German student associations. Since then, we have integrated more than 500,000 migrants, refugees, minority members and young people in difficult situations into apprenticeships, support and guidance schemes, and exchange and scholarship programmes, supporting their social integration and opening-up a professional future for them.

Participants from over 60 countries to date have actively taken up OBS offers.


Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V.
Kennedyallee 105-107
53175 Bonn

Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V. | Kennedyallee 105-107 | 53175 Bonn | Tel: 02 28 / 81 63-0 | mail: post@obs-ev.de

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