Seminar programme

Preparation for university courses

Would you be eligible for funding under the Higher Education Guarantee Fund guidelines? Then you can take advantage of the seminar programme to prepare for your studies.

As a prospective student, you can also benefit from the seminar programme without requesting funding from the Higher Education Guarantee Fund. However, costs for accommodation, board and travel must then be paid by yourself.

Already-enrolled students are excluded from participation.

Seminar participation helps you to commence your studies, trains you in key interdisciplinary qualifications and provides preliminary subject-specific knowledge.

Seminar topics include:

  • Fit for study
  • Women successfully on the way to university
  • Preparation for the working world - application training for internships and student jobs
  • IT course - application of MS Office software
  • Writing Workshop - Scientific Writing in Studies
  • Communicate successfully in Germany - recognize misunderstandings and deal with them constructively
  • Examination preparation and test procedures
  • Project & study management - basics for a successful study
  • CAD course in preparation for engineering courses
  • Introduction to the German economic system
  • Introduction to the health and social system in Germany

During these seminars, experienced instructors will help you deal systematically with your questions on preparing for a degree programme and the student job market.

Based on your own previous knowledge, experience, skillset, interests and goals, together with other participants you will develop practical solutions and strategies to ensure a successful start to your university career.

Individual advice is also available if desired.

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The programme is funded by


Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V.
Kennedyallee 105-107
53175 Bonn


Salim Bölükbasi
Tel.: 0228 8163-117

Norman Althaus
Tel.: 0228 8163-108

Timo Neuy
Studentischer Mitarbeiter
Tel.: 0228 8163-141


Contact persons

Dr. Alexandra Leipold
Referatsleitung GF-H, Integration
Tel.: 0228 8163-230
Fax: 0228 8163-400


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