Higher Education Guarantee Fund

Since 1965 the Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V.’s Higher Education Guarantee Fund has helped over 500,000 migrants to start, continue or build-on their academic education in Germany.The programme targets young newly-arrived migrants wishing to take their higher education entrance qualification in Germany, to prepare for higher education, or aim at an academic career. It is open to refugees, Jewish immigrants or recent repatriates and their relatives living in Germany.

An interview with the local Higher Education Guarantee Fund Bildungsberatungsstelle (educational guidance office) is mandatory before funding can be provided by the Otto Benecke Stiftung e. V. Follow the link for the HEGF educational guidance offices

For further information see the HEGF educational guidance webpage.


The programme is funded by


Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V.
Kennedyallee 105-107
53175 Bonn

Contact persons

Dr. Alexandra Leipold
Head of Department HEGF, Integration
Tel.: 0228 8163-230
Fax: 0228 8163-400
E-Mail: Alexandra.Leipold@obs-ev.de

Martina Wagner (parental leave)
Head of funding department
E-Mail: Garantiefonds@obs-ev.de

Petra Tölkes
Tel: 0228 8163-211
Fax: 0228 8163-100
E-Mail: Garantiefonds@obs-ev.de



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